Friday, September 2, 2016

Game modes. What are the difference?

Right now, we have two game modes.
Faucet Mode and Solo Challenge Mode.
The one you see on our top page is the faucet mode where you could join at your convenience. If you are new to Satoshi Quiz, we recommend you to try Faucet Mode, then you will experience how our site work at no expense. 

After a while, when you get used to our site and earned some satoshi on your hand, you can also try Solo Challenge Mode where you may have chance to earn more satoshi at once.  

This is the detail difference between Faucet Mode and Solo Challenge Mode

                         Faucet Mode               VS             Solo Challenge
Fees:                   free                                              100 satoshis
Prizes:                 500 satoshi (winner)                       1,000 satoshis (Score required:10/10)
Duration:              60 seconds                                   20s/question

At faucet mode, you could earn 500 satoshi at maximum , if you are the only winner on that question. If there are 2nd, 3rd winner you will share 500satoshi with others. 

Meanwhile, at Solo Challenge mode, you will be able to gain 1000 satoshi, if you won. There are 10 categories in this challenge. Please choose your most confident category to PLAY!
Wish you enjoy our quiz!

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