Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Reduction of withdrawal fee

This is the announcement that we have decided to reduce the withdrawal fee for the sake of user’s convenience. 

Before: 5000 satoshi (for the first time 1000 satoshi)
After: 1000 satoshi + 1% withdrawal amount. (Max cap will be 5000 satoshi and for the first time, 1000 satoshi)

We wish you could continuously enjoy our Satoshiquiz!

The background of the fee reduction

Since we raised the withdrawal fee due to the recent higher cost of bitcoin network, we have observed the number of withdrawal are significantly decreased. We felt sorry the inconvenience it caused. 
We have kept considered the solution to solve this issue while making this site sustainable to cover the cost. 

The most common way could be counting on advertisement network program such as google adsense, media.net. Then we can expect some revenue while offering the crypt-related information to users. However, unfortunately, those advertisement network would not like to work with bitcoin faucet site like us. Even crypto currency advertise network companies have the same attitude at the moment. 

As alternative solution, we would like to try out the web mining, and need some support and understanding from our users.
If you could kindly share some of cpu power during your play of quiz and withdrawal process, we may cover some cost for operating this site and we could reduce the withdrawal fee in exchange.

If you have any question or concern, kindly please email to Satoshi Quiz Admin
Your opinion always matter.