Saturday, December 3, 2016

[Important Noice] Cause of system instability in Nov 2016

After renewal, we observed the system down once for a few days interval.
Having investigated the issue, we found someone is attacking our site with random id and password trials.
The login attempts were too many at the same time so that our system could not keep on live, then eventually downed.
To prevent this attack, we have implemented the captcha function on login page. It would be one more extra effort for you to login, but we hope you could kindly understand.

Since we ban the account if the login attempts to that specific account are failed a few times in a row, it is less likely user accounts are hacked.
Rather it seemed to us that attacker found or stolen some id/password set somewhere else, then try those to our site.
If you are using the same id/password pair somewhere else, we recommend you to check your balance page see if any unintended payout request was made or not. Also we recommend you to change the password in this case.

Should you have further question on this matter, feel free to ask admin.
Thank you very much.