Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Solo Challenge Introduction

We have renewed our Solo Challenge!
10 Different categories are represented by 10 new icons!
You can enjoy our Solo Challenge by choosing your favorite category, click Play then click Start to begin. (Please note that you need to log in our system to start solo challenge)

You will have 20 seconds to answer each question, if you answered 10 questions correctly, you will get 1000 satoshis. (Play fee is 100 satoshis)
Comparing to Faucet modern, Solo Challenge let you use less time to earn more satoshis. In addition, you can choose your most confident category to answer. Why not try our new Solo Challenge! Have fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More about Satoshi Quiz

Do you remember when did you join our quiz site? Are you one of our start-up users?
Satoshi quiz starts operation from 2014 December.
Our number of users is around 20,000 in September 2016, with the help of our users and social media, our number of users is increasing every day!  

Soon will be our 2 years anniversary!
Until recently, we have processed 2,687 payments with the total amount of 171,357,653 satoshis! Are you one of the lucky one? Oh! Not luck it is the reward of your effort.
We hope our quiz site will be better and better and our users enjoy more and more in the future!
See you next time!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Prize scheme, where is my balance?

Where is my balance?
Probably it is the most being asked question among our new users.
Your balance will be shown on the page “MyStats”.
To see your balance, login then click the button “MyStats” on the right top corner of main page. All your balance details will be shown.

You may have a question, why my balance is different from my earnings.
Let`s take a look of our prize scheme first. Only the first three users answered correctly can get the prizes. The first user can get 60% of the prize, second user can get 30% of the prize and the third user can get 10% of the prize. Furthermore the prize for general quiz is adjusted by rank factors as follows:
Rank 10: Gets 20% of the prize
Rank 9: Gets 40% of the prize
Rank 8: Gets 60% of the prize
Rank 7: Gets 70% of the prize
Rank 6: Gets 75% of the prize
Rank 5: Gets 80% of the prize
Rank 4: Gets 85% of the prize
Rank 3: Gets 90% of the prize
Rank 2: Gets 95% of the prize
Rank 1: Gets 100% of the prize

If you still have any problems on your balance, please feel free to contact us by sending email to satoshiquiz@gmail.com.

Enjoy you day at Satoshi quiz!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Invite your friend to get more!

Want to get more satoshis with referring your friends to our quizsite
Invite your friend to join us by using our referral program.
If you refer someone to Satoshi quiz, you can get 20% from all your referred users` earnings for their first year.

It is very easy to join our referral program. First login to Satoshi quiz then click the “Referral” button on my account page. A referral link will be displayed. Send this referral link to your friend and finish the registration.
 (The referral link is now direct to the main page, please click the “Register” button for the registration. Or alternatively, you can send URL like http://www.satoshiquiz.com/register.php?r=xxx. then the user can see registration page directly)

You can see your referral details like “Total users referred” and “Total referral earned” on the same page you get your referral link.

There is no limit on how many people you can refer, so the more you refer the more you can get! Start invite your friends now!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Team! Tweet and Chat

Have you noticed we have “Chat” and “Tweets” on our main page?
They are very good places to exchange information and help you get answer from all over the world. Moreover, you can discuss and chat with your friends or someone you do not know but playing on Satoshi quiz at the same moment, which can help improve the accuracy of your answers.
You can also Tweet or chat with the latest information on Satoshi quiz or bitcoin. While sharing the information, it may let you meet more new friends.
Hope you can enjoy our games and meet more new friends who also like our quiz!  
By the way, don`t forget to follow our twitter @satoshiquiz for the latest news!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Go for an Award !! or Hall of Fame

There are three kind of awards in this quiz.

Daily awards: Awarded daily to the user who gives the most correct answers for that day. 10,000 satoshis will be awarded.

Weekly awards: Awarded weekly to the user who gives the most correct answers for that week. 50,000 satoshis will be awarded.

Monthly awards: Awarded monthly to the user who gives the most correct answers for that month.100,000 satoshis will be awarded.


Don`t be disappointed if you can`t find your names on the awards board. There is another board call “Hall of Fame” where your entire historical achievements are honoured. Your hard work may be reflected here. Keep going!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Game modes. What are the difference?

Right now, we have two game modes.
Faucet Mode and Solo Challenge Mode.
The one you see on our top page is the faucet mode where you could join at your convenience. If you are new to Satoshi Quiz, we recommend you to try Faucet Mode, then you will experience how our site work at no expense. 

After a while, when you get used to our site and earned some satoshi on your hand, you can also try Solo Challenge Mode where you may have chance to earn more satoshi at once.  

This is the detail difference between Faucet Mode and Solo Challenge Mode

                         Faucet Mode               VS             Solo Challenge
Fees:                   free                                              100 satoshis
Prizes:                 500 satoshi (winner)                       1,000 satoshis (Score required:10/10)
Duration:              60 seconds                                   20s/question

At faucet mode, you could earn 500 satoshi at maximum , if you are the only winner on that question. If there are 2nd, 3rd winner you will share 500satoshi with others. 

Meanwhile, at Solo Challenge mode, you will be able to gain 1000 satoshi, if you won. There are 10 categories in this challenge. Please choose your most confident category to PLAY!
Wish you enjoy our quiz!