Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New Roulette Function

Note: This campaign has been ended at Nov 15 2020. Thank you very much to date.

We have released new roulette feature collaborated with BSPIN company.

In this new roulette feature, players can play the roulette, then we will rank the players based on their winning amount every week.
The player should have registered bspin account through their site in advance and set it on our accounting page(See External Service section in my Account Page.).
Then the winner will receive following bonus amount in their bspin account directly.

1st      200,000 satoshi
2nd     100,000 satoshi
3rd       50,000 satoshi
# BTC can be withdrawn after a wagering requirement of 5X
# There will be some cap limit for one specific user in certain period.

This will officially start from 6th April.
Hope you enjoy our new roulette feature with BSPIN collaboration.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The change of affiliate program term

This is the announcement of the affiliate term change. From now on, the affiliate reward will be following.

[ 20% earning of referred user during the first one year from their signing up. ]

Though we limited the period, the earning percentage will be double from 10%.

We appreciate your continuous referrals of mates who could have a fan together on our satoshiquiz.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Reduction of withdrawal fee

This is the announcement that we have decided to reduce the withdrawal fee for the sake of user’s convenience. 

Before: 5000 satoshi (for the first time 1000 satoshi)
After: 1000 satoshi + 1% withdrawal amount. (Max cap will be 5000 satoshi and for the first time, 1000 satoshi)

We wish you could continuously enjoy our Satoshiquiz!

The background of the fee reduction

Since we raised the withdrawal fee due to the recent higher cost of bitcoin network, we have observed the number of withdrawal are significantly decreased. We felt sorry the inconvenience it caused. 
We have kept considered the solution to solve this issue while making this site sustainable to cover the cost. 

The most common way could be counting on advertisement network program such as google adsense, media.net. Then we can expect some revenue while offering the crypt-related information to users. However, unfortunately, those advertisement network would not like to work with bitcoin faucet site like us. Even crypto currency advertise network companies have the same attitude at the moment. 

As alternative solution, we would like to try out the web mining, and need some support and understanding from our users.
If you could kindly share some of cpu power during your play of quiz and withdrawal process, we may cover some cost for operating this site and we could reduce the withdrawal fee in exchange.

If you have any question or concern, kindly please email to Satoshi Quiz Admin
Your opinion always matter.

Monday, January 15, 2018

the change of withdrawal fee

Due to the massive increase in bitcoin network fees over the last few months, we regretfully need to change the withdrawal fee. From now on, we will be deducting a withdrawal fee of 5000 satoshis per withdrawal to cover bitcoin transaction fee costs.
However, for the first user, we will allow to withdraw the balance with 1000 satoshi once, as we think a new user would like to confirm if our site really make a payout or not.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but you would kindly understand.
We are continuously looking for the new solution to make it cheap again.

Thank you for your understanding and wish you could continuously enjoy our satoshi quiz.

Satoshi Quiz Admin,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Proof of the probability fair in roulette

We determine the outcome of roulette game in a provably fair manner. What this means is that the outcome of the game cannot be changed after the game, and the user can easily verify it.

To select the outcome, we use a server seed (long random string) and client seed (long random string). Before every game, the user can note the hash of the server seed. Then after the game , the server seed is revealed and the user can verify that it is the same by calculating its hash.

Hash function is a cyptographic operation which generates a long string from any input string in such a manner that the input string cannot be obtained from the output string and the output string is always the same for same input string. The output string is called hash of input string.

To calculate the outcome from client seed and server seed, we use a cyptographich function which generates hash from server seed and client seed. We take first 5 characters of the hash and then convert it into a number. If the number is below 1000000 we take that number otherwise we take next 5 characters and convert it into a number, till we get a number below 1000000. We take the last 4 digits of this number and divide by 100 to get a number between 0 and 100. Finally, we use this as a percentage value to calculate the outcome index from list of outcomes.

The actual algorithm:
$hmac=hash_hmac('sha512', $serverseed, $clientseed);
$output_index = floor($roll / 100 * $options_count);
$prize = $options[$output_index] * $bet_amount;

Saturday, December 3, 2016

[Important Noice] Cause of system instability in Nov 2016

After renewal, we observed the system down once for a few days interval.
Having investigated the issue, we found someone is attacking our site with random id and password trials.
The login attempts were too many at the same time so that our system could not keep on live, then eventually downed.
To prevent this attack, we have implemented the captcha function on login page. It would be one more extra effort for you to login, but we hope you could kindly understand.

Since we ban the account if the login attempts to that specific account are failed a few times in a row, it is less likely user accounts are hacked.
Rather it seemed to us that attacker found or stolen some id/password set somewhere else, then try those to our site.
If you are using the same id/password pair somewhere else, we recommend you to check your balance page see if any unintended payout request was made or not. Also we recommend you to change the password in this case.

Should you have further question on this matter, feel free to ask admin.
Thank you very much.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Facebook login

In the renewal of this quiz site, we added a new feature: Facebook login.

If you are new to Satoshi quiz, register with Facebook will let you connect both Facebook account and Satoshi quiz site account together. The advantage is you don`t need to memorize so many different logins and can reduce registration works.


If you are using the same email on both Facebook and Satoshi quiz, your Facebook login will connect to your existing account. On the other hand, if your registered email is different from Facebook, your facebook login will generate a new account automatically. So please be careful if you find your account information is different after Facebook login.

You can check your registered email address on My Account Page as follow.